The Idylwyld Series

Idylwyld Drive is many things to Saskatoon and Saskatonians. It’s the gateway to the city from the airport and the North to the downtown. It’s the physical and psychological dividing line of the West side from the rest of the city. It’s the only highway that cuts through the middle of neighbourhoods and downtown and its construction heralded the end of the railway era and the primacy of the automobile one in the city.

In the next few weeks we are going to publish a series of articles on the future of Idylwyld Drive. We’ll cover the current re-construction of Idylwyld Bridge and the urgency of improving the active transportation access as part of the project. We’ll report on the City’s Imagine Idylwyld Planning Process and, finally, imagine a future where the Idylwyld Freeway no longer exists.

Idylwyld Drive then ...
Idylwyld Drive then …
... and now
… and now

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