Implementing Saskatoon’s Active Transporation Plan: A Generational Opportunity Is Here.

In 2019, the City of Saskatoon released an operational plan to implement a large number of the recommendations from 2015’s Active Transporation Plan, including the installation of hundreds of curb ramps and tens of kilometers of missing sidewalks while maintaning the rest of the sidewalk network. Also in 2019 the Federal Government released an infrastructure plan that included hundreds of millions of dollars for ‘Green Infrastructure’, with sidewalk construction/repair as one of the priority items. See all of the documents below.

The plan is here, the plan to implement the plan is here and the money to pay for the plan is here. With federal and provincial matching the City of Saskatoon will have to pay less than one third of the capital costs for these already very cheap pedestrian projects, likely only a few hundred thousand dollars a year. A city that walks is a healthy, financially responsible and environmentally sustainable city. Let your city councillor know that you want to see federal green infrastructure money spent on implementing the Active Transporation Plan: